Judaic Studies

Yeshivat Kadimah prides itself on a Judaic Studies program that prepares our students to study Torah confidently in all its fullness. The curriculum is broad, incorporating classes in Gemara, Torah She'ba'al Peh, Chumash, Nach, Halacha, Hashkafa, and contemporary issues. The faculty places a high emphasis on student engagement through small classes, structured chavruta time, student-centered collaborative projects, and the integration of technology, which combine to create a learning environment that is both exciting and dynamic. 


At Yeshivat Kadimah, we believe that a great Judaic Studies program engages the soul, in addition to the mind. The Judaic Studies faculty at Yeshivat Kadimah places a strong emphasis on forming relationships with students outside of school. Rebbeim's houses are open to students on Shabbat and throughout the week for a warm cholent, a lively kumzitz, or a great dvar Torah. 

Classes include:





Pirkei Avot

Chavruta Study


Contemporary Jewish Issues / Jewish History


Michtav Me'eliyahu


Hebrew Language


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