Message from Rabbi Daniel Freund


Dear Yeshivat Kadimah Students, Parents,

and Faculty,


Welcome to Yeshivat Kadimah High School!

At YKHS, we look forward to learning together, growing together, and helping each and every student achieve his or her maximum potential educationally and spiritually.

Each and every student has unique skills and talents, and it is during the high school years that one begins to actualize his or her potential and develop as an individual. YKHS strives to create a healthy environment which will enhance this process. Our school is a partnership among students, parents, administration, and faculty that builds an atmosphere of ‘family’. We respect one another, engage with each other positively, and find ways to always help each other.


Our students have many opportunities to strengthen their devotion to Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael. We are excited to create an environment of “Torah U’Mada”, a combination of high quality Judaic studies and General studies. Our wonderful faculty invests their time, energy, and attention in order to help the students succeed academically. 


At YKHS, we learn to appreciate the Torah as a “Torat Chaim”. The Torah is not just a book. The Torah is a way of life, which connects all aspects of life to holiness. A science class or a field trip, a basketball game or chess match; all of these scenarios can serve as a vehicle to living a life of Torah and connecting ourselves to Hashem in all areas of our life. These years provide an opportunity to build the foundations for a life of “Torat Chaim”. We welcome you to join our Kadimah family!




Rabbi Daniel Freund


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