Physical Education

Yeshivat Kadimah approaches physical education and health courses with the intention of providing a healthy balance to the rigorous intellectual work of the school day. 


Our goal is that our students will learn valuable life lessons from the discipline of individual and team sports.  Numerous studies point to the benefit of physical activity and exercise as a break in the school schedule, so after PE students come back to class energized and ready to learn!


Among the values that the coaches and administration aim to instill in the students from their athletic experience are:


  • benefits of physical activity for good health

  • problem solving

  • teamwork

  • accountability

  • sportsmanship

  • practice and effort

  • school spirit


Physical Education (athletics) classes rotate through many different options and activities.  Both girls' and boys' classes do strength training and conditioning, cardiovascular exercise, and sports that increase coordination. 


Athletics takes place out-of-doors whenever possible, to further enhance the quality of the "break" that this class can provide for the students.


We also offer several extra-curricular sports opportunites such as basketball and cross-country.


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